Our Latest Update

After the success of our Remediating Gasworks Conference in December 2020 – where speakers included Professors Jon Fairburn and Andrew Watterson – we  have continued our hard work into 2021.

  • Clean Air for Southall and Hayes (CASH) met with MP Virendra Sharma to discuss the ongoing health implications of the Southall Gasworks development. At last Sharma appears to be listening the community and has agreed a set of actions his office plans to take. 
  • Community Before Construction (CBC) is embarking upon the next stage of their action against the Lea Bridge Gasworks development, which was approved by the Waltham Forest planning committee in December. They will now move to lobbying the GLA as the plans move to the mayor’s office for stage 2 approval.
  • NEW GCU members from Worthing, where proposals for the development of Worthing Gasworks are underway by Berkeley Group. After finding GCU online, they reached out to be part of the alliance. Like other members, residents in Worthing are worried for the health and wellbeing of their community. 
  • Planning has begun for a parliamentary meeting between MPs of constituencies that are affected by gasworks developments. The focus will be on the risk to health these developments pose due to the toxic nature of the sites.